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Meishan Township, Chiayi County has one of the most beautiful slopes ~ Meishan 36 bends. Running down the hillside of Alishan in Chiayi County, along Jia County Road 162 to Taiping area, overlooking the mountain tea garden! The road gradually began to meander and climb. , Along the way, betel palm trees and longan trees grow together, and during the car ride! After each 180-degree roundabout, whether it is the mountains competing for green and the plains, there are always some surprising discoveries. This is definitely the most popular running tour for runners. route


Old Meishan Junior High School (starting point)→Line 162A→Taiping Wangfengfeng (13K Supply Station)→Jia 154 Road→Jia 166 Road→Entrance of Chushuikeng Ancient Road (25K Supply Station)→Shuidao Community Fuyuan Palace (36K Supply Station)→Taiwan Line 3 → Old Meishan Junior High (end)


Old Meishan Junior High (starting point)→Line 162A→Taiping Wangfengfeng (13K supply station) (return from the original road)→Line 162A→Meibei Elementary School (end point)


Meishan bend 36

Super marathon

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