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The "Seven Peaks of Yunjia" is a famous vertical route in the Yunjia area. It includes Dajianshan, Erjianshan, Ma'anshan, Lizijiao Mountain, Taiping Mountain, Darongding, and Independence Mountain. The seven peaks are connected together! Crossing Huashan Village, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County, Taiping Village, Meishan Township, Chiayi County, and Danyu Village, Zhuqi Township, among which Dajianshan, Lizijiao Mountain, and Independence Mountain are all three small mountains in Taiwan!

The summit of Dajianshan has a wide view, overlooking the Ali Mountains, Tashan, Yushan and Yunjia Plain. It is a good place to watch the sunrise, sunset and sea of clouds. Lizijiao Mountain is the highest peak in Taiping Village! Darongding and Erjian Mountain are beautiful tea plantations. The Independence Mountain National Trail is dependent on the railway. Along the way, bamboo forests, tea gardens, railways, mountains, tunnels, trains, etc., the landscape changes a lot, the vision is excellent, and the mountains are like a fairyland when the mountains are shrouded.



​Yunjia Seven Peaks

Cross country


Taiping Yunti Plaza in Meishan Township (starting point)→Taiping Yunti→Dakongding→Independence Mountain (turning back from the original road)→Zhulin Tea Workshop (supply station)→Taipingshan→Lizijiao Mountain→Ma'anshan→Erjianshan→Dajianshan (turning back the original road ) Taiping Yunti Square in Meishan Township (Terminal)

​Cross-country track difficult value -20K / 1200M D+




​Cumulative climb

​Technical terrain


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